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Welcome to the website of Rudy Leather Products Ltd. (hereinafter: “the Site”).

We ask you to carefully and carefully read the site’s rules, and you have not yet applied to browse the site and / or make any use of it and / or purchase from our range of products.

We would like to emphasize to you that anyone who performs any action on the site confirms that he has read the site’s rules, understands its content and what is stated in it, and agrees to its terms, and that he or he will not have any claim or claim against Rudy Leather Products Ltd. , With respect to the contents of the Site’s Articles of Association and / or with respect to the performance of its operations and / or their results.

If you find that you do not agree with the terms and conditions of the site, please do not say that you are not required to make any use of the site and / or perform any action in it.


1.1. The site is used for retail sale only.

1.2. Rudy Leather Products Ltd. reserves the exclusive right to make any changes to the Site at any time, for any reason, without prior notice and without any responsibility on its part.

1.3. In these regulations, the following terms shall have the meanings detailed alongside them as described, if this is so implied by the context:

1.3.1. Surfer – person and / or body who entered the site via the Internet.

1.3.2. Buyer – a surfer who has made a purchase transaction for the purchase of a product and / or products on the site with personal dedication / stamping will not be able to return it or receive any credit for it after the purchase.

1.3.3. Purchase and / or purchase – You bought a product in the store in accordance with the provisions of these regulations.

1.4. The provisions of these regulations are stated in the masculine form, for convenience only, and all its sections and provisions shall apply to any person – male or female, single or multiple, and / or any body and / or legal entity whatsoever.

1.5. Rudy Leather Products Ltd. reserves the right to set additional rules for special sales and / or specific products, and in such case the provisions of any special regulations set forth by Rudy Leather Products Ltd. shall comply with the provisions of these Articles.

1.6. Rudy Leather Products Ltd. will be entitled to change the provisions of these Articles from time to time at its discretion.

The binding regulations will be published on the website at the time of sale and / or the tender.

A change of regulations will not apply to a transaction that has begun.

The right to make a purchase on the site

2.1. Making a purchase on the site is limited to a person who meets all of the following conditions:

2.1.1. A resident of the State of Israel with a valid identity card of 18 years or more and / or a legally incorporated legal entity registered with the site through the registration form appearing on the website.

2.1.2. A credit card holder, valid in Israel, of one of the credit card companies operating in Israel, through which purchases can be made at the site – at the discretion of Rudy Leather Products Ltd.

Make a purchase on the site

3.1. Payment of the consideration for the purchased product will be made by credit card.

3.2. In addition, the customer has additional options for payment: Bank transfer or payment during self collection at Rudy Leather Products Ltd. For details contact Rudy Leather Products Ltd.

3.3. A pre-requisite for any purchase and / or execution of any financial transaction on the Site, namely obtaining the approval of the credit card company for the purchase and collection of the consideration by Rudy Leather Products Ltd.

Terms of sale

4.1. The description and price of the products are those that appear in the inscription on the site only.

4.2. The prices on the site are for sale only and include VAT.

4.3. It is known to the buyer that in any event where Rudy Leather Products Ltd. does not succeed in creating a contact with the buyer, in order to coordinate the supply of the product, within 7 days from the date of the purchase,

In this case, Rudy Leather Products Ltd. shall not provide the product to the purchaser, and the buyer shall have no claim against Rudy Leather Products Ltd. in respect of cancellation of the transaction under this section.

4.4. If the ordered product has run out and / or a clear mistake has been made, in the description of the product and / or in its price and / or in particular other material information, and / or due to factors that are not dependent on Rudy Leather Products Ltd. and not for its negligence, Will be able to provide the buyer with the product on time, the transaction will not be binding on Rudy Leather Products Ltd.

If the payment is collected, the payment will be returned immediately to the consumer and the consumer will have no claim against leather products.


5.1. The surfer who wishes to purchase products on the site will be required to enter the following data into the system:

5.1.1. First name and last name or name of corporation.

5.1.2. Number of identity card or corporation number (CP, HZ or number of partnership, etc.).

5.1.3. Full address, including street name, house number, apartment number, town and zip code.

5.1.4. The mobile phone number of the surfer.

5.1.5. The e-mail address of the surfer.

5.1.6. The credit card number of the surfer and the date of validity of the credit card.

5.1.7. Identifying the products that the surfer wishes to purchase as aforesaid on the site, and the number of units of each product that he wishes to purchase.

5.2. Typing the data as stated by the buyer is tantamount to a commitment by the buyer to purchase the product and to pay Rudi Leather Products Ltd. the price stated on the site.

The buyer undertakes to ensure that the credit card company will transfer to Rudy Leather Products Ltd. the amount that the buyer has undertaken

5.3. The full and exclusive responsibility for any error in typing data by the Buyer shall apply to the Buyer.

The computer records that appear at Rudy Leather Products Ltd. will constitute prima facie proof that the data appearing therein are the data that were entered by the purchaser.
5.4. In performing an action on the site, the surfer declares that it is clear to him that submitting an offer under false name and / or providing false information and / or impersonating another person constitutes a criminal offense under the Penal Law, 5737-1977.

Rudy Leather Products Ltd. will be entitled to submit details regarding any offer that allegedly constitutes a fictitious offer and / or contains fictitious details